Conducting our business with integrity

Our business is built on the foundation of trust. Our Code of Conduct expresses our personal commitment to earn this trust every day, in all of our business activities and in every country where we work. It reflects our values through clear and simple direction for all of our employees and business partners and defines the principles of ethical and compliant business practices.

Highlights in 2018

Encouraging and enabling open reporting – Global Ombuds Program

Our Global Ombuds Program was launched 2 years ago and continues to be deployed to further strengthen our company’s speak-up culture and reinforce our non-retaliation policy.

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Case Study

Our commitments, targets and performance

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For over a 150 years we have nurtured and maintained a culture of high integrity where every employee is held accountable and responsible for upholding our ethical values and for conducting business with unwavering standards of integrity.

Our Code of Conduct is applicable to all our employees, directors and management, and we also have a Code of Ethics applicable to the President and CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Controller. 

We expect our employees to follow these five basic principles:

  • Obey laws and follow policies
  • Be fair and honest
  • Treat each other with respect
  • Declare conflicts of interest and avoid appearance of impropriety
  • Report any concerns promptly

The Code of Conduct is available publicly in English here and is also available on request in 24 languages.

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Ethical business

Ethical business. Our Code of Conduct provides the key principles and practices of our ethical business approach and is applied to all employees, management and even partners.

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Human rights

Human rights. We endorsed the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in 2011. On balance, we believe that connectivity and the technologies we provide are a social good.

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Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing. Our supply chain is a critical but complex component of our business and our reputation. We work hard to ensure responsibility and transparency in our supply chain.

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Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security. We have dedicated processes firmly in place to address data privacy and security, focusing on technical protection, processes, and people.

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